Thursday, 15 May 2014

Easter Holidays Traveling #2

Hello lovelies!

I hope you enjoyed my last post about my Easter Travels! If so, you can read on and find out what else I was up to during my little road trip!

Attenion: picture-heavy post!

We left Brighton on monday morning and headed to the town of Salisbury! After we checked into our hotel which was really lovely and central, we walked through town and went for lunch at Wagamama - yum!

We headed to the cathedral of Salisbury which has the tallest church spire of Britain (123m)! So here are some impression from inside and outside of the church:

The next day we jumped into our car and headed to Avebury! On our way we came across the Alton Barnes White Horse which is a chalk hill figure from 1812.

We also drove past Silbury Hill. It's a 40 m high man-made hill without any obvious purpose, though there have been several suggestions as for what it was made or used.

What I really enjoyed in Avebury is that you were able to get close to the stones and also touch them! Of course I did haha and believe me I could put hundreds of stone photos in this post but I will be good and just leave some for you ;)

On our way to Stonehenge we also stopped at Woodhenge which I didn't even knew existed before! After seeing the how expensive the entry fees for Stonehenge were and the fact that we heard it was a bit overrated and too touristy (haha us speaking the total tourists!) we decided not to go in. But we to great shots from the car thanks to our telephoto lens!

And our last stop of the day was Old Sarum, Salisburys earliest settlement. From up there you had a lovely view over the town! And the weather was looking good at this point as well - win win!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I really love showing you what I was up to and share my photos with you.

I still have some more blog posts on the travels coming up so please let me know if you enjoy these posts :)

Have a lovely day!

xx Ann-Kathrin


  1. Fab pics! I love Salisbury cathedral but haven't been for years. This is definitely pushing me into going for another visit :) xx

    Katy |

    1. Thank you lovely :) it's such a nice place and a great photo opportunity haha

  2. All the pictures are so lovely! Makes me want to go vitas!