Thursday, 7 May 2015

Travel Post: Amsterdam

Hello lovelies,

Today I want to show you some snapshots I took when I was in Amsterdam at the end of March.

Three of my friends and myself decided on a short city trip to Amsterdam. Unfortunately we didn't have the best weather, it actually was pretty horrible most of the time: rain and wind aren't great for sight seeing and exploring a new city! That's why I don't have too many photos, I didn't want to get my beloved camera wet and ruin it. I still managed to get some though, hope you enjoy!

We stayed in a hotel near Leidseplein which was really central and great to get to and from. The hotel though wasn't that great, it was really loud and small and not at all what we expected..

We started exploring the city wednesday afternoon, walking over the bridges over lots of canals just taking everything in and also on the hunt for some nice restaurant.

I think the canals look absolutely beautiful at night!

The next day we went to visit the Anne Frank House. We had to wait for one and a half hours to get in, so if you're planning on going there: better check your tickets online! It was really interesting but also depressing as you might guess.

After we had some lunch in a little cafe, we hoped on a tram to the Waterlooplein Flea Market. Unfortunately it started raining again so we hushed from one stall to the other, trying not to get too wet.

Our next stop was the Dam which is the town square. The streets near the Dam are great for shopping so that's what we did - of course haha

The next day we headed to the Museumsplein, where the famous Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum are located. We actually didn't go into the museums but we wanted to take a photo in front of the huge iamsterdam sign.

I've seen some photos on instagram recently how beautiful this looks at the moment with the water filled up and flowers floating around and I'm actually quite jealous! Nonetheless I really love these gloomy looking photos! What do you think? I also have some snaps on my instagram - annxkathrin if you'd like to follow me! 

And that's already all of my snaps! Our last day we just spend walking around the city, doing some shopping, sitting in coffee houses and going back to the airport to catch our flight back home.

I would love to go back to Amsterdam some time. It's a beautiful city with lots to see. I'm sure it's even prettier with the right weather so I might go back in summer and not in rainy march!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What did you go see and how did you like it? And how do you like my snaps?

Hope you have a lovely day,

xx Ann-Kathrin

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