Thursday, 7 November 2013

new foundation

hello there J

After a struggel that went on for what seems like ages, i think i finally managed to find the perfect foundation for me! And i wanted to share it with you J

I tried a few different foundations before and i never was really happy with the results. I either looked cakey (especially with some powder on top) or it just didn’t fit my skin colour. But since i heard (and read) so many good things about the Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation - i thought i’d give it another go. And i’m really happy about it!

The foundation has got a medium coverage. I got it in the colour "102 light nude" and i think it looks very natural and leaves your skin looking fresh and awake. It stays on almost all day and some days i only used the foundation and a little bit of mascara (without any other products – yes i felt a little lazy haha :P) and i still liked how my skin looked.

And i don’t know about you, but i really like it when products smell good and that’s the case with this foundation haha :D

So if you are looking for a good foundation that also is affortable you should definitley give it a go!

Please leave me a comment what you think about it or if you have any recommendations! J

See you soon,


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