Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sleek Au Naturel Palette

hey there J

So I popped into Superdrug when I was in London to pick up one of the Sleek Palettes. I came across the Sleek display in my local Superdrug and when I saw it I was like "What?! I didn’t even know they sell Sleek here!“. I got really excited and so i had a closer look.

The first palette i grabbed was the "Au Naturel Palette". I usually tend to go for the natural eye shadows. I really like to do brownish smokey eye looks. Whether it’s for a day look or a night out (i just put on some more mascara and eyeliner). I really liked the shades of the palette – it contains four shimmers and eight mattes.

And also the fact that it’s really handy and has a nice big mirror. I think it will be a great companion for traveling!

I also really like the packaging!

Then i had a look at "Oh So Special Palette" and I fell in love with the colours! But I was a little bit unsure if i could rock a more colourful eye make up look. So in I had to ask my friends advice and they told me I should get the "Au Naturel Palette" as it matches my eyes better – so that’s what i did! And I’m really happy about it! I like how the eyeshadow is super wearable for the daytime but you could also glam it up with the shimmering shades!

But now that I’m thinking of the "Oh So Special Palette" .. hmm .. I think I might need to pick it up the next time I get to a Superdrug store!

What is your favourite eyeshadow palette? And what do you think about the Sleek products? Any recommendations?

x Ann-Kathrin


  1. Wow this palette looks amazing, i agree i also like the brown soft smokey effect !

    Topdraw Fashion |

    1. it is amazing! i'm so happy with it :) and it's so cheap! :D


  2. That one is my favourite Sleek palette :) The browns and this olive one look really nice on hazel/brown eyes ♥

    Greetings from Barcelona! | nerweenmakeupbag

  3. I have this!! Amazing palette xx