Thursday, 23 October 2014

MAC "Oblivion" - Rocky Horror Picture Show Limited Edition

Hello lovelies!

As I mentioned in my September Favourites post last week I absolutely love the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and whilst browsing the web looking for some pictures of the actors today (yep a weird thought but hey haha!) I stumbled upon the rumour that MAC Cosmetics are bringing out a Limited Edition range all about the Frank-n-Furter and co! I looked a bit further and found out that this was true and so the next change I got I popped into the MAC store to ask for the release date.

The lady at the store was so lovely and really helpful, she told me that the release had been pushed back to the end of October. At first I was a bit gutted but she asked to write down my number so she could give me a ring if it arrived earlier! So last week on monday I got the call that the collection will be in on wednesday. I went in the next day and came out with this little beauty! I actually was really lucky to get my paws on it because even though I was at the store 3 hours after opening there were only 4 lipsticks in the shade "Oblivion" left!

Oblivion is a lipstick with an amplified créme finish. I would describe the colour as a blood-red with slight blue undertones. This lipstick is a bright pop of colour and definitely an eye-catcher - I already got lots of compliment when I wore it on a night out (which isn't the worst thing eh?). The formular feels really lovely, it glides onto the lips smoothly and also feels nourishing on the lips.

you can also see my new hair colour and piercing here! what do you think?
As with all MAC products the packaging is gorgeous and sleek but this Limited Edition is clearly a winner! I love how the characteristic Rocky Horror Logo - the lips - was used on all the products from this range. I actually feel pretty special owning such a gorgeous lipstick bullet! ;)

And of course this lipstick also has the typical vanilla scent that all MAC lipsticks have.

Have you seen this collection in stores already? Do you want to get something for yourself? If so what?

Have a lovely day,

xx Ann-Kathrin

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